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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Anton View Post
Since you state that with such authority, what are the sources that validate that? I get that Matt Bradley called him out for not caring enough or not trying hard enough, but what evidence is there that he was a problem in the locker room.

I'm not saying it isn't true, but would like to understand how you know that for sure.
i am not a semin basher. i am realist, however. as a carolina resident and a capitals fan i think i can give you an unbiased report on alex semin.

* it was more than bradley. steckel piled on shortly there after. there were comments from arnott. notice that these are all effort and not skill oriented north american players. so....weigh that how you wish.

* semin doesnt talk to his teammates as a rule. he does speak english but doesnt like to. he will talk to a referee or opponent in a game situation but around his teammates, he doesnt speak unless its russian.

* think of semin as kovalev. both the upside and the downside. the problem with semin as compared to kovalev is that kovy used to either be the good kovy for a full season or the bad kovy. either he lead your team or you wanted him gone. semin is erratic. he can win a playoff series for you, which he has done, and he can lose the next one for you. this is essentially his capitals history. his crappy effort can put your team in the jackpot to get in the playoffs. then his hot streak will get you in.
then he will score 5 goals and win you a 7 game series and follow that with zero goals when you lose a 7 game series of 4 one goal games where a goal or two from him moves your team forward.

* he is a lightning rod for canadian media hate. as much as your team is now a love center with two staal's you now have the reason the canadian media will point to for every failure your team will have from here out. these questions and phone calls coming into your locker room to the canadian players asking if semin is the problem stirs the pot, right or wrong, and there is just nothing you can do about it if it breaks down your locker room.

* lastly, here is the bottom line. alex semin is a streaky player. this means there will be dry periods in his production. he won't answer questions about it to the media and if he makes a bad play or takes a killer penalty, he wont be talking about it with the media after the game. it will be on the coach and on eric to speak for him. then the pressure will start out of toronto and tsn and the hotstove on hnic because this russian guy is dragging down the pride of canada.

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