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07-27-2012, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by GirgsAndGrigs View Post
It's BGM's b-day tomorrow. Everyone call him old
<--- not going to be 30 yet

Originally Posted by Clock View Post
I just got my new work laptop. Got to spec it out myself. It's beautiful and I love it.
That's pretty cool. Share the specs?

Originally Posted by Chainshot View Post
They want me to coordinate support (aka. lead) the offshore team, do my old job, support the one other guy on my team who is out on manditory vacation, do the job of our old team lead who is transitioning to another position, as well as now 2 contractors and another member of another team who they cut (Whammer, much missed). I am just laughing.

Oh, and manditory training is due today and my mid-year review. Wooooo. Yeah.
Wow. That's a whole bunch of crap. Good luck Chain. Have you been sending your resume out?

Originally Posted by Penalty Killa View Post
I had to give twenty four mid year reviews this month.

Give? Meh. As long as nobody sucks, it should be fine.

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