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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Anton View Post
Fair points, and probably why he only got a 1 year deal. A lot of what you wrote are things that Philly and Edm fans relayed about Pitkanen also. Not saying Semin will work because Pitkanen did, but there is at least some precedent for a guy like that to find a home in Carolina. And if it doesn't work out, no biggy as it's a 1 year deal.
the main difference between pitkanen and semin is that philly and to a lesser extent edmonton eat hockey players and hockey personel. its their nature. stub your toe in philadelphia and dont handle it well and you are doomed. right now and i am looking at shea weber and his easy life in nashville and think its 50/50 that the flyer's fan base and media will now destroy his career. nash in new york as well.

in washington semin had none of that media and fan issue to deal with. he was not boo'd and he was rarely ripped in the media. it was a constant drumbeat out of canada however. recall the waterboarding that he got at the hands of the tsn panel on ufa day? they destroyed semin.

these canadian media types have constant access to your top canadian players thru text and cellphone. they will call or text and ask if semin is really a loser. their question will all come from a negative pov and if/when the canes struggle and semin is in a cold spell, the snooze and observer may not be pounding semin, but pierre mcguire and mike milbury and ron maclean and don cherry will be lighting him up.

as a canes fan you generally will not hear, see or read much if any of canada's attacks on semin, but the players know all about them because the canadian media is at them all the time about it.

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