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07-27-2012, 11:57 AM
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I guess, since everyone else is all in with your comments, it's left to me to take issue where I feel appropriate.

Originally Posted by EspenK View Post
I think many here are way to optimistic regarding the teams chances next year. Probably a relative of the Cubs fan syndrome or trying to feel much better about the trade.
I don't see "many" overly optimistic. I do see a lot of people wondering how good the team will be based on its acknowledged strengths and weaknesses.

Goaltending remains a potential issue.
Potential? It's clearly an issue, and one which looks like it's going to have to resolve itself.

Scoring will be at a premium - I see us at around 210 goals at best and more likely below.

We have no real 1st liners so whoever gets matched up against the opponents top pair is going to be at a distinct disadvantage.
As many have acknowledged, even those "way too optimistic."

Depth remains an issue, especially on offense should injuries occur (and they will);defensively we have a lot of bodies beyond the top 4 and Aucoin but other than Savard & Holden not any with NHL experience and their's is limited.
Moore has pretty much all of last year as NHL experience, to add to your list of those beyond the top 5 with limited experience. Pretty sure that counts as depth. Forwards, that's another story.

Coaching staff is new with the exception of Richards.
New here but not new to coaching at the NHL level.

And go back to the exercise of who are we going to jump past to so dramatically improve?

Will team be better? Can't be any worse and will probably play well enough to finish 25th and finally win the lottery
Good luck predicting this with any level of accuracy. Best to just ride it out.

Is the foundation laid for a better team? Yes. It will take a year or two for chemistry to develop and for RyJo, CAM, Murray, Erixson, Moore to develop a bit more.

Some top offensive talent either through trades or drafting will be necessary

And of course goaltending must be stabilized.
You trying to count this twice?

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