Thread: Speculation: Kari's next contract
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07-27-2012, 11:35 AM
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Rather than starting a new thread, this seams appropriate for this thread.

I know fans are split on the importance of a star goaltender for success in the playoffs and regular season. I think you can come up with just as many examples of system goalies playing well behind a talented and consistent system as you can find hot goalies who carry a team.

Personally, I still prefer the talented goalie that steals games and elevates the team over a sound system where goalies are just interchangeable. I think ideally, a great goalie in a good system can be lethal. That said, I wouldn't be disappointed even a little to go into a season with two good goalies rather than 1 great goalie. I do really feel teams can win both ways.

I bring this up because of a recent interview with Ray Whitney on a Canadian radio show. He's clearly in favor of a great goalie, and Lehtonen was one of the big reasons he felt comfortable coming to Dallas.

"I think what people have to understand is that every team has pieces and every team has an opportunity starting from zero to get in and have success. They [Dallas] have a good goaltender, which is something you need in this league now. Probably more than anything."

Ray Whitney has been around a long, long time, and knows that success is built from the net out in this league.

"You need a goaltender - it's funny, you say Jamie Benn and Eriksson and we all love that, but the Phoenix Coyotes last year didn't get to where they were going without Mike Smith. The Nashville Predators - Pekka Rinne was a huge part of that. As Lundqvist (with the Rangers). So all the teams that get anywhere and have any success, it usually starts with the goaltender out and I think Kari lehtonen is one of the best in the league right now, and there are some talented people up front."

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