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07-27-2012, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by ashtraygirl View Post
seriously! i can't believe that the directors introduced it as being "terrifying". maybe they were being ironic.
Even worse was Mitch hyping it up to be "scary as hell" and that everybody would be "pissing their pants". I mean, I get why you use hyperbole on the website or in the program - you're trying to sell tickets. But don't oversell a movie I've already bought a ticket just creates unrealistic expectations and makes it all the more disappointing when your "scary as hell" movie turns out to be a little creepy and nothing more.

Originally Posted by Habs13 View Post
Normally I would disagree but this year's line-up has very, very little I want to see. Sure, there's a new Simon Pegg flick, but that'll hit mainstream cinema's anyway. And at $9 a shot, well... put it this way, I was in line to get tickets yesterday and I suddenly felt my legs walking me away and outside.

Last year, two of my friends saw 26 films each; this year they struggled to find 10 to get the discounted price.
I have to agree, so far at least...there just wasn't a lot that looked exciting to me once I got past the Nikkatsu movies and the two Miike films. There's still a chance to be pleasantly surprised though.

Of course, it's silly to say "Fantasia has become utter crap" when it could just be a down year for genre films. Last year was one of the best editions I've ever been to.

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