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Originally Posted by SLang View Post
It pains me tremendously to say it, but I give the DVD a solid "D" grade.

* In a time when the access granted to the teams and players in "NHL 36" is such that it is, there is NO reason this DVD shouldn't be at least as good as that. Is the NHL too cheap to commit a camera crew to each team for the duration of their playoff run? Possibly.

* If you saw the games, then you've seen the DVD, for the most part. Mainly just game footage. Considering what it could have been, the only reason I didn't give it an "F" is a lot of the footage had Nick Nickson as the soundtrack and I hadn't heard a lot of that before.

* They did an OK job hitting the storyline in the first series with the Brown hit on Sedin. They completely missed the storyline of the St. Louis series with the King hit on Pietrangelo (and his defense of the hit in the next game). They showed the Brown hit on Rozsival in the third round but totally ignored the little ***** that was Mike Smith in the end of that series, which was a big storyline since the guy basically imploded. Their coverage of the Finals was ok, though.

* The "Wireless" stuff could have been really good, but a lot of it was unintelligible.

* The inclusion (although I have not watched it yet) of the entire 5 minute Game 6 power play on the Bernier hit is a cool idea.

Really the best thing about it is the post-Game 6 locker room celebration.

Am I glad I got it? Yep, but to be honest, it really doesn't allow me to clear my DVR of all but the 4 series-winning games. It's just nowhere near what it could have been. The lack of pre-, intermission- and post-game footage is a HUGE missed opportunity and would have made the DVD really worthwhile, IMO.
I should have read your review before I posted. Its absolutely spot on. Infact, the ONLY reason I didnt/wouldnt give it a 'F' is because of what team its documenting. If It were a SCF Devils DVD, I would have gave it a solid 'F' for "*ucked".

The in-game audio is ATROCIOUS. As well as the editing leading into the IG audio. Between the editing and a good portion of the IG audio being completely inaudible, I had ZERO time to digest what I just heard. I had to rewind and listen again at minimum, 4 or 5 times.

Ive seen better 'Fan' tribute montage's on yourtube than whats on this disk.

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