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Originally Posted by strungout View Post
I see Sergey Kostenko signed an AHL deal with the Bears.

How does that work?
It's happened in the past where a draft pick signs an AHL only contract and sometimes in the future signs his ELC; future being same season or following season.

1) pretty sure he can be paid more this season doing it this way.; no max salary in AHL PHPA CBA, only min. Obviously, requires both sides to agree.

2) If he didnít play 10 NHL games, if he signed an NHL ELC, his contract would have slid, so it would be like signing a 4 year ELC if he signed this year (3 years plus add one.)

3) He can still sign a Caps ELC during the season. This way itís only a one year commitment for now. Caps still hold his rights via the draft.

4) The way AHL contracts are written, again, pretty sure if a rookie, itís an AHL-ECHL contract.

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