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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Why would Chicago send Lang for a 2nd rounder? A Chicago who ended up losing in the 3rd round and 104 regular season points despite the "loss". Despite a good season till the injury, we can totally see that Lang was going towards the end of his career. And at the time of the trade, the bet that Lang was a definite piece to go for the Cup was a stretch. But he did good. Yet, the end-result is that, again, we've patched a hole for 1 season by giving a guy that will end up playing 10. And 10 good seasons. We did acquire a 38-year old guy at the time right? And the point is not even that. We didn't give Grabs the icetime he deserved to show what he could do. We clearly mismanaged a lot of players without giving them enough time to justify themselves. Isn't it clear enough that when you have the best head scout in the business with the best record out of 30 teams and the only good thing you can say is that we do make the playoffs quite often....yet, how many years were we real contender? Management screwed up Timmins work. Plain and simple.
2008-09 was not a tanking year. We had just finished first in the conference and lost to Philadelphia in a close series. Gainey was going for the Stanley cup that year, and we all thought it was a legitimate possibility fpr the 100th season until it turned into a disaster, with Lapierre-Kostopoulos-Latendresse being our 1st offensive line for a stretch of 20 games.

Lang played great here. We needed him more than cap-starved Chicago. As it stands without Lang we would not have made the playoffs that year. If it hadn't been such a disaster, we might say "without Lang we would not have won the cup that year".

Sometimes GMs have to take risks. Without risks you never win it all. Lang was a good risk. The 2008 offseason was the best season in which to take risks. Gainey added Lang, Tanguay, and Laraque. Mats Sundin and Marian Hossa didn't want to come here. It was a good call but then we had an injury-filled year, and Carbonneau's only counterstrategy was to try wearing lucky ties and to take the team bowling.

By the way it is impossible to properly manage every player. There are only 6 top-6 forward spots. Some players will get the opportunity to succeed, and some won't.

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