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12-02-2003, 06:12 PM
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So just what is a modern day coach?

Because the mentality around here is that they are just frikking GUIDANCE COUNSELORS!

In my veiw a good coach knows how to tweak each individual player in the proper way to get the best results. Every player responds differently to a coaches input, so I feel it's damn important.

A good coach knows how to get his team up for the big games.

A good coach knows how to make players accountable and make them play for each other.

A good coach can turn a mediocre team into BELEIVERS. Beleivers in themselves...........and beleivers in a system. That's right......a SYSTEM.

And no folks, "Let's play chase the loose puck" is NOT a system! Nor is, "If we skate faster than the opposition and lob pucks from anywhere on net we should win".

A good coach knows how to choose his line-up before January and stick with it until it's quite obvious he's going backwards.........not 10 minutes after a game starts when things don't go EXACTLY as planned. A good coach allows enough time for linemates to get used to each other. A good coach thinks long and hard before he makes these decisions........because in a perfect world, he's going to go with it for more than 1-2 games.

It just bugs me how people say it's ALL the PLAYERS fault when the team is faultering. So if the player won't listen to the's the players fault for playing poorly. True enough........but WHY isn't the player listening to the coach? (THIS IS A VERY LEGITIMATE QUESTION) Why doesn't the coach have the respect of his players enough to follow instructions? I don't know..........should we ask the coach? Apparently not.............because he's just a guidance counsellor today.

If a school "class average" is low because they don't listen.......should it be ALL the students fault that they don't listen? Well that's the simpletons answer. But wouldn't the school board or principal want to dig a little DEEPER to find out WHY the students won't listen or don't care? I damn well would hope so. To just throw your hands in the air and say, "the low average is all the kids fault" is narrow minded and foolish. Certainly it's not ALL the teachers fault. But come on people......get serious already.

There is often a reason for certain behaivior. Perhaps accountabilty. Perhaps fear of being embarrased in front of the classmates.....who knows? Good teachers have their own ways of making students listen and be accountable. So do good coaches.

Everyone hates Keenan. Go look at his win/loss record. The teacher I feared/hated the most in school, helped me get the best marks ever. This doesn't mean that this approach to the student behind me in class was gonna work though. After that most successful year of school, I had the utmost respect for the guy and fought to get back into his classes.

How many times have we seen a struggling team replace the coach and suddenly they resurrect themselves and make the playoffs with ease? What happened there? You're right!!! It's the players! The players played better and were usually more accountable. Why? Perhaps because they respected their coach and his philosophy.

My idea of a good coach is someone that has HIS finger on the pulse of HIS hockey team and has their EARS.

And berate me if you please (DB)...............but you won't convince me that we have that here in Edmonton.

More posters will agree with me by this time next me.

You heard it here....

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