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Originally Posted by Top 6 Spaling View Post

Am I the only one disgusted by that? Weber signs an offer-sheet with another team (maybe as leverage, maybe because he wants to go there, who knows), we are forced to match a front loaded deal that is hardly ideal for us, then Weber is "in" and gets a huge banner but on the front of the arena.

Meanwhile, our Vezina Caliber goaltender signs long-term with us before ever getting close to free agency, going all the right things and committing to us with no urging or question marks, and doesn't get half the publicity.

That should be Rinne. And saying Weber is "in" isn't entirely fair IMO.
You've got to remember who this is supposed to be targeting. In my opinion, they are targeting business owners with customer, and casual fans. Both , who may not know anything about offer sheets and what transpired. Both may just have some knowledge of "oh, didn't we beat out Philadelphia or something."

What we think about it..... if we feel a little wary and burnt....they don't feel.

This is PR and advertising. He is the face, because he has the big contract. Pekka probably doesn't care----he seems to be a genuine nice guy who likes it here. He doesn't seem to have the ego. Just my opinion.

The Preds organization seems to be stoked to sign him, and that this is just business. I don't feel that way frankly. I see other teams having players willing to sign for less to surround themselves with talent. I know it's his right, but.....
As long as he plays like a $14 million dollar captain, it's all good... but he needs to quit complaining and carry the team on his back.

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