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07-27-2012, 12:45 PM
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im sure late in games which we are losing Torts will do those lines...but if he does em regularly, those guys are going to HAVE to play like 25+ mins a night. you can't balance out the minutes....that's just not a good situation to have. you don't want 3 guys playing the entire game, it creates so many problems. Not to mention the fact that your 2nd or 3rd line will look something like...

Kreider - Stepan - Callahan (not bad)
Hagelin - Boyle - Pyatt (stone hands offensive ability whatsoever in this line)

so youre counting on that top line to score 2-3 goals a game pretty much...that's just not a good situation.

power lines, unless they have crazy chemistry like the Spezza, Heatley, Alfie line did, almost never work out, and can be a detriment to the team. The point is to come in waves. thats how the kings beat everyone, one line after another that could score, hit, forecheck, had speed, size, skill, etc. its how the bruins won 2 years ago...that's how you win. not 1 line....3 lines. you need to have 3 lines capable of scoring a goal at any given moment.

If we can't get Doan at a reasonable price/term id like to see this once Gabby is healthy.

Hagelin - Richards - Gaborik
Kreider - Stepan - Nash
Pyatt - Boyle - Callahan

now you have a ~30 goal scorer on every line. each line brings something to the table. That 2nd line may end up being better than the first line with those 2 monster wingers playing with a guy with the vision Stepan has. The top line is what carried us down the stretch last year...when you can leverage a 3rd liner like Hagelin into a 1st line spot and not lose anything, that's something you need to keep doing. It's pretty much an ideal still get the production of a top line, but it gives you the freedom of moving a top line player to another line to keep the waves coming.

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