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04-23-2006, 11:05 PM
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Originally Posted by capn89
Why do all of us idiots (all of you, and myself included) waste time on this pointless debate? The refs sucked. Sometimes they blow hard, some times they're great. But we start these threads and complain, then more idiots join in and complain about "your just pissed because your team lost" never even giving an inkling of their pea brains to the possibility that the officials blew. Do officials favor teams to MAKE them win? I'm sure it's happened, but no one is saying that. They're simply saying that sometimes they seem completely inept. It went both ways tonight. More for the Sabres early, the Flyers midway and considerably for the Sabres in OT.

Everyone has a ****ing answer "tell your players to stop taking penalties." No one is complaining about being called for infractions, they complain about guys getting their nose nearly taken off by an obvious high stick and having no penalty called, and then the other way, someone leaps in the air and falls onto a d-mans stick and it's a penalty on the d-man. *** to everyone.

I totally agree. Some nights you get the call some nights you don't. What goes around comes around. Trust me, when the Flyers are home they will get some calls and the sabres won't. There is no reason to complain. That is just the way it goes.
Any one remember Leclair's goal on the sabres when it went through the mesh.
Every team is on the short end of the stick some times. Just suck it up and take it. The tides change often.

As for the player falling on the d-man's stick: Wrong place at the wrong time. **** happens.

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