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04-23-2006, 11:17 PM
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Originally Posted by MountainHawk
Facts are there was a Flyers played bleeding out his nose and the Sabres fans were cheering. Therefore, they are classless thugs of fans that were happy to see someone hurt.

oh ok and you are surely a class citizen in philly. (didn't you guys cheer when Michael Irvin was injured?)

Isn't that why they had a jail and court at the old Vet. Philly fans really have no right to call other fans classless. How about jumping into the penalty box after Domi, that's sure classy. Or maybe when i went to a game in philly having a guy with 2 children under 10 spout off 10-20 f bombs at me and my friends because we were cheering for the other team.(my friends and i made no negative comments at all just because we knew where we were) Again very classy.

Ask any other fan this question: You're going to another teams stadium to watch your team play, you're going to wear your teams jersey and colors and cheer for them, Now you tell me what stadium would you not want to go to because of the fans?

I guarantee you that Philly is in the top 3 with ANY SPORT. Why is that? must be because their fans are so much classier than the sabres fans.

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