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07-27-2012, 05:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Amateur Hour View Post
Wonder what the reaction on this board would be like if Sid said a Giroux slash broke his wrist.

Anyway, gotta be honest, it makes me giddy that we finally have a player you guys loathe as much as we do Crosby. Giroux is our very own bona fide Penguins killer, and it's beautiful (face it, you wouldn't hate him nearly as much if he didn't kill your team). Exactly what the rivalry needed. Nice to have a guy who ups his game against the Penguins instead of shrinking from the challenge or just not being able to hang with Sid and Geno in general (see: Richards, Carter).

Can't wait for our games next season and beyond. Penguins/Flyers is the rivalry that's going to elevate the NHL back into the American mainstream sports consciousness. Our end of the season meetings and the first round of the playoffs marked the first time since the lockout I remember non-die hard hockey fans saying they HAD to tune in to watch a game. Even the Bill Simmonds podcast and shows like PTI were extolling the series and how entertaining it was.

Best of luck in 2012-2013. Well, not really. Here's to hate-filled, wonderful bloodbaths between our teams.
the overwhelming reaction on the internet would definitely involve Crosby being called a baby for talking about it.

That said, I love Crosby becoming a jerk. If people are going to hate him anyway he might as well earn it. I hope he turns full heel this year.

Ya, Sid just got real

all orchestrated behind the scenes by this guy

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