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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
I think a lot of people made a post like yours, so there's a point I clearly failed to communicate.

The answer is an absolute yes. I hold that this team is weak, and that even if they try hard and have relatively few injuries I expect them to fall in the range of 11th-15th place. There is no need to deliberately lose or to give more starts to the backup goalie etc.

Up to this point, I give Bergevin an A+. He has not made any mortgage the future trades, and he has not signed any UFA quick fixes.
And this is the point and one I think has been made before. This is not a 'one year surgical tank' as anyone other than you understands it. It is a GM making reasonable moves to improve the team where he can, avoiding panic moves that are unlikely to work and planning for the medium term rather than mortgaging the future in search of instant success.

A 'one year surgical tank' cannot imply anything other than a deliberate attempt to lose before the season has even started. Which would be ludicrous enough so that it, notwithstanding the misleading thread title, you're not advocating that at all.

FWIW I think your analysis is unnecessarily pessimistic. The gap between 8th and 15th is not massive. The difference between the teams is often measured in terms of organisation and motivation rather than talent.

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