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Originally Posted by Amateur Hour View Post
Yes, insecurity is what brought me here. Am I really that transparent? Again, I know that it sucked to watch your team -- the best team ever assembled, a juggernaut that would romp to the finals -- fall apart in round one to your most hated rival. Especially after how smug you guys were. There will be plenty more playoff series between us where revenge can be exacted.

I don't believe that Schenn is going to shut down Malkin for the rest of their careers. I do, however, believe that Couturier will fair just fine against your beloved Geno, especially as his frame starts to fill out. You can dismiss his talent all you want, it'll just have to be played out over time. His impressive performance against Malkin when the two were on the ice against each other this past season is indisputable. As for Schenn, he's going to be a better version of Mike Richards in due time, and I look forward to watching him matched up against Crosby. He's a rare player with the strength to actually knock Sid off the puck, which is usually impossible.

Also, wink at someone else. I'm trying to talk hockey here, not get hit on.
Honestly, the entire Philly fan base seems insecure to me when it comes to the Pens. And has seemed so since he entered the league.

Like I said, not surprised some of you showed up here. Who are you trying to convince with some of those straw men you are throwing up anyways? Reread your posts and see why you all seem pretty insecure to us. Again, who are you trying to convince with some of this crap? Seems a lot like you are trying to convince yourselves.

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