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Originally Posted by dacrazysportsfan View Post
Is there any other way to get from the airport to Staples Center without driving other than taking a taxi. And how long is the ride from the airport to Staples Center?
You want the Flyaway bus (I'm pretty sure it was posted by me earlier in this thread along with a lot of other useful transit info)...

you pick it up outside of the baggage claims. There will be a green sign over the island where it picks up at. You'll want the one going to Union Station. From there, take the red or purple line train 3 stops (west, you can only go one direction from there) to 7th Street/Metro Center. The Fly Away cost me $5 one way last time I took it. It is relatively quick as it takes the Carpool lane. Much quicker than any other bus or train and much cheaper than a cab.

The red/purple line cost $1.50 each ride and you buy tickets before you enter. When you get to Union Station you'll go underground to get on it. Just ask somebody and they'll tell you where to go.

If you want to ride a train and see the worst parts of LA, from the same island at LAX, get on the free shuttle to the Green Line station. Take the Green line east to the blue line. Take the blue line north and it will end at 7th Street/Metro Center. $1.50 one way ticket on each train so it will be cheaper that way.

Have fun and let me know if you need any other tips. But definitely scour the thread because I've posted transit info on here ad naseum.

EDIT: Looks like the Flyaway is $7 one way now. Also, the Fly Away buses are the nice charter style buses and the thing rides on the freeway and what not so you don't have pleasure of going through awful neighborhoods and meeting some unsavory characters.

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