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07-27-2012, 06:35 PM
Chris Hansen
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Great post, Cullk - my sentiments exactly.

Except for the last mini-paragraph, unfortunately. I don't think Bowman will do much of anything to really fill in the roster holes at the deadline. He has given fans (who are not wearing rose-colored Blackhawk glasses all the time, anyway) no reason whatsoever to believe in him.
I gave him this offseason to prove he wasn't the GM the naysayers said he was, because I recognized it wasn't quite fair to judge him based on the last two years, one of which he had his hands tied completely by the cap. The year he did have flexibilty was pretty much a failure (last season). But I was going to give him a real shot, because you can make a much better and fair judgment based off of two (legitimate) offseasons rather than just one. Prove to all of us that he's actually going to improve the team rather than signing more trash (or in Brookbank's case, just yet another bottom-pairing defenseman).
And he didn't do it. I lost whatever faith I ever had in the guy.

"Keep the same roster, waste years of Toews, Kane, Sharp, Hossa, Keith, and Seabrook's careers with a team not good enough to win the Cup, and instead of addressing roster holes, choose to hesitate and do nothing while claiming that 'we have enough to win.'"
Blackhawk brass' mantra right there, seemingly. Or Bowman's, anyway.

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