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07-27-2012, 06:49 PM
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Originally Posted by AZNDevil View Post
I did something along those lines for both times I used my brother's ID to get in. Just grew out my beard and wore a hat. They gotta get thousands of rowdy, likely drunk, students through all of like, 5 gates, so the "screening process" boils down to the name on the ticket matching the name on the ID and a cursory glance at your face as a formality.

But the student section lottery tickets are only given out a week before the game, and your odds are weighed based on seniority, standing with the university, club activities, etc. Basically, it's not a total given to get a ticket, though they will sometimes sell more than the student section capacity for big games.

Rutgers v. Kent State or WVU v. Baylor... um... I guess with the Rutgers game you could still be close enough for a Devils game lol?
Yeah i'll try do Baylor and then when OK gets close we can try do that...

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