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07-27-2012, 07:20 PM
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Originally Posted by MarkGio View Post
Firstly, If you're going to change your name, leave your avatar up long enough to allow us to adjust.

Secondly, I once heard this wonderful peice on CBC radio about electronic voting and the criticism was primarly concerns about cheating. You see physical ballots can be re-counted if ever an election result is in question.
Haha I already changed my Avatar to that Natasha hottie on TSN but it hasn't changed on here for some reason. But will do!

And I guess that makes sense, but you would think someone Jim Mr. Blackberry would create a 3rd party site/organization that is secure enough to handle something like that, similar to how they tally the votes on shows like Idol. I just think our government are like Dinosaurs and have no idea how to relate to modern Canadians.

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