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07-27-2012, 07:29 PM
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Originally Posted by MVW View Post
Haha I already changed my Avatar to that Natasha hottie on TSN but it hasn't changed on here for some reason. But will do!

And I guess that makes sense, but you would think someone Jim Mr. Blackberry would create a 3rd party site/organization that is secure enough to handle something like that, similar to how they tally the votes on shows like Idol. I just think our government are like Dinosaurs and have no idea how to relate to modern Canadians.
Our government is like Dinosaurs for sure, but that's a typical politician. Nobody wants a skateboarding tweeter up there telling us that their platform "iz off the chizzle" because nobody could believe that this person knows a thing about Canadians' needs. We want them sqeaky clean, educated, and flat-out boring because it makes us feel comfortable that we won't expect any radical ideas.

Little do we know that it's usually the power hungry people that enter politics to begin with, and regardless of how comfortable we feel, we'll get screwed over by a crook

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