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Originally Posted by Mr Misty View Post

The Flames traded down and then took a player at 21 that was ranked 34th in your prospect rankings. Those 13 spots represent a significant reach at that pick, and not factoring that in to your assessment of their draft is bananas. Also, there are teams that can afford to take a project in the 1st round, teams that are currently successful or have deep prospect pools. Neither of those are currently true of the Flames, and not taking the status of their organization into account in your assessment is bizarre.

And it just goes on and on. The 150 has Sieloff at 77 and Calgary got him at 42, while Gillies is at 103 but was taken 75th. Whatever credit you give the Flames for getting a "first rounder" in Kulak in the 4th should surely be wiped out by taking a 2nd in the 1st, a 3rd in the 2nd, and a 4th in the 3rd.

The ranking of the Flames' draft the 4th best is indefensible.
I'll attempt to refute your claim of "indefensible" with respect to the Flames.

The rankings took into account a lot of factors. THW rankings weighed heavily into things, but was not the be all, end all. I've listened to countless post-draft interviews with team's brass with respect to selections made. Gillies is an easy one to justify - I rank goalies lower than skaters and would never be surprised when they go earlier than my rankings. Because of the league Janko played in, he was one of those guys that was very tough to gauge and I would make these limitations quite obvious in introducing our rankings. When hearing Flames brass (Feaster, Todd Button, John Weisbrod) talk about Janko post-draft, it wasn't just a "love affair" between the team and him. The kid also performed well at prospect camp. Sieloff was a similar story for me. I liked him as a player heading into the draft and knew most services had him as a 2nd rnder. However, his play at Flames prospect camp and further analysis of what intangibles he brings to the rink, I can easily admit when I underrated a guy.

You also forget to highlight that Coda Gordon was a strong 2nd rnd candidate who Flames landed in the 6th rnd. Their 7th round pick Matt Deblouw is yet another guy who could really blossom in the coming years. For instance, NHL Central scouting had him ranked as a late 2nd/early 3rd rnd pick.

Brett Kulak really struck a chord with THW with his silky smooth efficient play from the blueline this yr. The 5th rnd selection of Ryan Culkin was just another solid pick who many (as did I) think of as a strong candidate for a 3rd rnder.

All in all, pick by pick, Flames did very well.

Current state of the organization is somewhat relevant, but in the draft you take the best player available, each and every time. You don't draft on what a player is now, but what he will be in the future. The Flames are not about to correct things overnight through one draft. What they are doing though, is making every transaction count, every draft pick count (hopefully), with plans that each is a step forward in turning the franchise around. There are no easy fixes, but I like the path Feaster and Weisbrod (who I think is more behind the actual "hockey" "on-ice" decisions with Feaster overseeing the big picture).

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