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Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
The fact that there is overtime in the playoffs has an effect. Once it goes to overtime, it is guaranteed that one more goal will be scored in that game. Whether that goal takes ten minutes or three periods does not affect the goal total for that game. I don't see any reason to use total time played in the calculations, since it doesn't affect the goal total (once it goes to OT).

An alternative would be to deduct all the OT goals during the regular season and all of the OT goals during the playoffs. However, those OT goals are still being scored. The purpose of adjusting playoff GPG is to better (not perfectly or completely fairly) compare playoff scoring of individual players. Deducting the goals from the totals and still crediting players for those goals/points doesn't seem like a good solution either.
Imagine this series

Game 1: Ottawa wins 5-4
Game 2: Pittsburg wins 2-1
Game 3: Pittsburg wins 4-2
Game 4: Pittsburg wins 7-4
Game 5: Ottawa wins 4-3 - 3 OT - 47:06 of OT played
Game 6: Pittsburgh wins 4-3 OT - 13:24 of OT played

GPG: 6.83
GP60: 5.85

There is a pretty big difference here of an entire goal. While both totals are a bit high, 6.83 is clearly quite a bit higher.

I think it would be important to take time into consideration, but maybe in the end it won't matter?

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