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04-24-2006, 09:09 AM
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Originally Posted by mcphee
I may sneak over this afternoon to induce. Rememeber when the Habs acquired Odjick. My Dad called me to say Mtl. made a deal and got Gino. He went on to say he wouldn't join the team for a few days. I asked him why, and he said 'well his wife's, you know, and they have to bring her in and you know' [he can't say pregnant apparently. 'No Dad, what's going on ' ' You know , she's having a kid and she has to go in and get seduced'. ' Geez Dad, a bit late for that I think.' I digress though, how do you induce a lamb ?
Lambs by Induction:

Assign Lambeau as Lamb #1, n=1.
Lambeau's mom was pregnant, Lambeau was born, therefore the result holds for n=1.
In general, when a sheep is pregnant, a lamb is born, n=m.
Therefore, if you have another pregnant sheep, another lamb will be born (n = m+1).

(Note that this may be only slightly better than my alternative proof which involves wrapping a coil of wire around the sheep and passing an electric current through it).

(There. I feel like I've used what little I remember from my physics and math degrees all at a go... and on a Monday morning no less. My boss will be pleased. )

(And note also that despite seeing a post filled with mentions of sheep, seductions, etc, I intentionally stayed away from mentioning Dutchy as a potential source of valuable insight).

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