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Originally Posted by Prust Y U MAD Bruins View Post
The Dark Knight Rises is crap ?

Have a good Fantasia festival !
You've more or less proven my point when Hollywood's flagship film/film series are just better than average superhero action movies.

Originally Posted by Bobby Clark View Post
The people at Fantasia pick the best international and independent movies available.If they didn't actually choose the best of the crop you would also find tons of bad movies outside of the mainstream market.
I'm not sure where I said otherwise. I never said independent films were infallible or perfect. Just that if I took a random sample of 10 current hollywood movies in theatre and then went to a random 10 fantasia movies, I'd likely find better films with the latter.

Originally Posted by mitchmagic View Post
It's not even the films that bother me. Yes, their programming has become a little unnecessary bloated... but my real problem is with the audience.

Most of the truly scary films are ruined by the cheers and jeers of the audience at every moment of blood and gore. And I know this is to be expected from the crowd... But it didn't used to be THIS bad. TADFF and Fantastic is a lot more toned down which I love.

You talking about any movie in particular? I've rarely if ever seen a truly scary movie that overdoes it's gore to begin with.
Definitely agree that the list of movies is bloated. I had to roll my eyes at how many zombie movies we went through watching the preview dvd.

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