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Originally Posted by UsernameWasTaken View Post
re: Hall..just to be clear, I don't have some personal beef with the guy (i.e. i'm not obsessed with him not making the team or anything like that)...but i do think that penciling in someone who has missed a large part of his first to yrs in the NHL b/c of injuries to the expense of others is a bit problem.

re: doan, st. louis...i don't understand the references to the benefits of their "leadership"...the 2014 team will be carrying toews, crosby, weber, giroux at a minimum...leadership wise, that should be enough. seriously, if players are relying on the 30 (35?)+ crowd to give them inspiration, that's a problem.

there's no reason for doan to be on the team.
Doan has more experience than all of those. He wouldn't be a 1st line player obviously. I'd have him on my 4th line. He'd be the voice in the locker room and he fills the 4th line role perfectly. He's still solid offensively, good defensively and plays very physical. He's a guy that will help you win. He's never had a good team, but in my opinion he'd be a good contributor to Team Canada. It's also not "relying" it's just one piece to the puzzle.

As for St Louis, he has great speed, which is even more helpful on big ice and chemistry is a key thing too and he'll have it with Stamkos. St Louis is one of the top offensive players even at his age still. He's also fine defensively.

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