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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Semin avg 35G per 82GP. FACT. Simple and clear. Over the course of a full season(82GP), that is his current average. FACT.

Doan isn't injured as often, okay. He will also be 36 next year and retire in a couple of years.

A blurb of nonsense? Was it too hard for you to understand COLD HARD FACTS?
Or is that your counter argument when you have nothing else to say? You don't know what to answer so your resort to childish comments like ''blurb of nonsense'' and ''keep digging''?

Caps had the most dominant record and goal scoring touch since the lock out that year where Semin scored 40G and they kept the ''run and gun'' style. FACT.
They won the President trophy that year. FACT.
They did lose in the POs to us, but so did the defending Stanley Cup Champs. FACT.
Ovie, Green, Backstrom and Semin, all regressed offensively after that season. FACT.
Caps never looked as good or as dominant since that year. FACT.
Since after that season, they resorted to a more defensive style of play? FACT.

I know it's crazy, but, could there be a link between playing more defensively and less production??? Crazy stuff I know!
That's all a blurb of nonsense.

Players will generally produce less in a defensive system as opposed to an offensive one. Is that also non-sense?? And you dare criticize someone's understanding of the game after such moronic comments? Please man, your post is full of fail.

I also never said Martin didn't have a system. He actually did, and produced better results than I'd imagine. I said he was fired. FACT.
I said RC didn't have a system. All he did was tell the defense to dump it out of the zone by the boards, and tell our offensive guys to dump it in the zone. Not what I consider a system.

You think we will preach a defensive system next year? How does this make any freaking sense to you. Because we don't have two superstars we need to play defense?? Mike was not hired for his strong defensive structured system. He never employed one because he doesn't have one. We will be a physical aggressive forechecking team aimed towards the offense. We have a bunch of puck moving Dmen, and fast forwards, but yea, we'll play defensive with a non-defensive coach after 3years of failure under a defensive system. Makes a whole lot of sense to me.

As for the 10 extra goals. Thanks for telling me it won't make a difference. I feel much better now..
WOW. I won't waste too much time on you because you clearly can't read and like digging a hole you can't get yourself out of.

The highlighted part is what I've been saying all along. Can you read????

Semin AS declined under a defensive system. Habs won't be a run and gun style type of team (never said they were going to be defensive, just not run and gun, again, you can't read and its impossible to discuss with someone like you who makes stuff up to try and validate a point) and they don't have super elite players like Washington, so Semin won't be as productive here like he as not the past 2 years in Washington. CAPICH NOW!!!!

And thanks for proving my point with your FACTS

Heer's another FACT, you can't read!

Oh, and Selanne is still playing at 40, so thanks for letting us know that Doan only as 2 years left in him. Nobody knows except him. The guy is in excelllent shape.

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