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Originally Posted by Ozz View Post

And I know it's easy to say a focus on skating will be a priority even if you played w/lesser skilled players, but IMO there's no better way than throwing yourself to the lions so to speak and busting your ass just to not be completely annihilated. Sure you won't immediately be able to keep up but you'll also be able to work on your positioning and hockey sense at a higher level, and work that into your abilities.
I can't skate all that well (although I've had several different coaches tell me that I DO skate well, but lack confidence) and I've only been playing for a few months, but I've found this to be the case too. I can't really keep up if I'm going to just try to skate after the puck, but by being in the place where I'm supposed to be, I find that I can contribute to my team even if I'm not the best or fastest one out there. I usually play LW and I've learned where I should be - and that being there leads to better things than if I were just chasing the puck everywhere like a dog chasing a laser light. Often, that makes up for not being the best or fastest - if I'm at the net, I can grab the rebounds - or if I'm along the boards, I'm a predictable place for someone to pass the puck to get it out of our defensive zone.

I did have a coach tell me after a recent game that by being where I was supposed to be, I was giving my team options and was more likely to get the puck and be able to do something with it by doing that. True...the other team didn't really know where to be, everyone was chasing the puck - so when I was out there, I was wide open for a pass. I was able to take it down the ice, pass it to the C and at least he got a shot off!

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