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Originally Posted by alpa View Post
Not sure I understood you correctly, but If the issue is the eject function there might be a manual eject. I know for sure that on hard-disks and some dvd players there is a manual eject. You should be looking for a little tiny hole nearby the slot ( I couldn't come up with a better way to describe it). Take a toothpick or something pointy enough and push it into the hole and voila' your dvd or cd comes out.

As I said I'm not sure it exits on all such equipment. And it is known fact that **** like this happens once or twice and then never again just misfortune.
Thanks dude. Yeah, I was trying to make light of the fact that (and anyone that lives with a bunch of blonde women can surely attest) my 10 year old blonde daughter waited until I needed the BR player to tell me that the BR player is broken. She (of course) did not break it but knows who did. She made me promise that I would not yell at her or the perpetrator that did break it...before she would tell me who did. ALAS!!! Her 44 year old blonde mother decided a popcicle stick was a fabulous tool and it would work best to try and pry open/out the BR tray to access the Yoga BR that she left in there. Well, the popcicle stick broke and jammed the gearing which busted the worm drive rendering the eject option completely null. "Just tell me its BROKEN and DO NOT TRY TO FIX IT!!!" was uttered by me once again...

My biggest gripe was they waited until I finally needed the BR player to tell me "it broke itself 2 weeks ago!!!"

I swear, sometimes I think the sole purpose of my existence on planet earth is to keep the Blonde population from suffering a well deserved Darwinian death. "Fight or Flight" hasnt saved this population of Humans...Giant Breasts and Horny Engineers have!!!

Welcome to my world.

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