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07-28-2012, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
Furthermore, this idea that teams have 'their' own internal salary cap is also not very well developped, because the salary cap essentially serves that purpose. The New York Islanders HAVE to spend to the salary cap floor, it doesn't matter if they have their 'own' cap...
But it does matter. Not talking about the fact that Isles' own cap might be lower than the floor. But it could certainly be in between the floor and the ceiling. 70 M$ versus 54 M$. Any chance a team has a 60 M$ salary cap of their own? Which makes every penny an important one. So OF COURSE, based on the 70M$ ceiling, they are not in a cap hell, but an owner who doesn't want to pay 'cause he's already losing a ton, might not want to use that 10 M$ the ceiling suggest. Just my point.

Thing is the Canes, with the Staal and the Semin signing, are still at 57 M$. Are they really going to spend to 70 M$? Then paying that much only serves 2 purposes. Getting better AND reaching the floor.....but it doesn't mean that they suddenly found more money and be spending it on Doan, Subban and everything else till 70 M$. They can still be in cap hell of their own very soon despite those signings. And my question is still legit....why would they get rid of such a good player in Kaberle? If his salary and his play wasn't at the same level. Solely for a hockey point of view? Kaberle did mention that a couple of weeks before he left, his play was picking up. Somehow, you do feel that at that time, it was a money issue.

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