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Originally Posted by overlords View Post
You talking about any movie in particular? I've rarely if ever seen a truly scary movie that overdoes it's gore to begin with.
Definitely agree that the list of movies is bloated. I had to roll my eyes at how many zombie movies we went through watching the preview dvd.
From memory I think REC was ruined for me in the theatres because of the cheers. While the gore is not overwhelming, there would be considerable cheers from the audience whenever a zombie was hit in the face. I'm scared it will be the same for V/H/S tonight.

Another film that comes to mind was "Kidnapped." Probably the darkest and most unsettling film at the festival last year. But those emotions were ruined by people cheering every time one of the kidnappers was killed. Hated it.

Also there was a standing ovation for Red State...


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