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07-28-2012, 11:23 AM
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Don't be afraid to ask your teammates for some input. If you can't keep up speed-wise, surely they will have suggestions as to where you can best position yourself or to which role you can best be utilized.

My team plays with varying rosters, and sometimes we have a few plugs. It's no problem though, they know their strengths and work on them. Once in a while we get some guys who don't know much of anything, and instead of having them go out for a free-for-all style of game (which usually is useless unless they're a stud who can do it all on his own) we'll talk with them about what they can do on a rush, on a backcheck, etc. For a slow player, joining the rush and creating a passing option is great. When in the zone, perhaps hanging at the crease a la Holstrom and creating a screen might be a great attribute. It's easy to do and surprisingly MANY are afraid to do this. I don't know why, maybe because I'm big and have no problem throwing someone on their ass if they touch me But other than that, there is much to be said about working behind the net. Defenders will almost never cover that, and by leaving yourself open there for a pass you could effectively lead an offensive charge. We do this often, and amazingly teams have trouble defending it. I honestly don't know why we don't do so more often, honestly. Anyway, if you're there you can catch a pass from one of the 'better' players. Chances are the defense will scramble, and if you can jet the puck back up to the guy who passed it to you, or a defender who is pinching to the circles a bit, you'll get a good scoring opportunity. As long as you can be comfortable with your passing under pressure, have a good eye for surveying the zone, and hit your targets, you'll gain a lot of confidence being able to pull that off and basically be responsible for creating a goal or great scoring opportunities. Only good will come from that. If you can't outskate them, outplay them

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