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07-28-2012, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by birddog View Post
There is some hope -- I did say that -- but by comparison there are many teams with as much or more hope. So if current result are abysmal, and please enlighten me on how they aren't, and your hope is centered around 4-5 players -- a number that MANY teams can match -- how does that constitute a job well done? Philly, NYR, Carolina, Ottawa, L.A. and other ALL have better teams now and a future that's as bright or brighter. Just tell me what puts the Leafs into the elite of this league now and in the future and I'll change my grade. Reality is -- they are brutal now and on pace for respectability -- witch gets a big fat F.
Hey, i'm not here to change your mind. But it took Sather 12 years to build that respectable team. Philly, while being a playoff team, has achieved what? Ottawa played WELL above expectations last season, (according to EVERY hockey mind before the season) i respect their position last year but they have Spezza an aging Alfie and Karlson who i hope can repeat for their sake and what else? If you want to tell me the team Burke took over was better than this one you are mistaken. His 1st 2 years were spent shedding overpaid underachieving lifer contracted players. Sure, we don't have a #1C, guess he should have taken some of the extremely valuable players he inherited to get 1...LOL. OR, he should sign one of the plethora of #1C's who come up as UFA's every offseason. Lets remember were we came from at the start of the Burke era, it's been a long time since playoffs yes, but those ARE NOT all Burke years. I won't count his 1st 2 years as he had to shed absolute crap before he could start to build. I've said it before, Burkes true value will only be seen after he is gone.

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