Thread: Confirmed with Link: Irving signs one year deal
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07-28-2012, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by FLAMESFAN View Post
Irving had one good game (the Canuck game). I think most of you are making a mistake assigning him the back up already. We need to make sure there is competition for the back up spot. If Irving can't beat out Karlsson, then I have no problem making him waiver material.
This is his year to prove himself, and get rewarded next year if he can.
To be clear I hope he can, I'm just not as sure as most of you.
I'm really not trying to be an a**, but what has Karlsson proved? From what most of us have seen from Irving, he is much more steady, fundamentally sound, and a more composed goalie than Karlsson.

I like Karlsson, I think he is great teammate to. But all I have seen from him is that he is a questionable goaltender at the NHL level.

I do agree with you though, lets bring both these guys to training camp and see who looks better. Ultimately though, we have invested much more time into Irving and I think it shows. I'd be shocked if we kept Karlsson over Irving.

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