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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Is that Galchenyuk in your avatar?
Kill shot. Right in the head.

Originally Posted by jagielski41 View Post
you dont know him?
Duh. Are you 12?

Originally Posted by Paul Dipietro View Post
I think he means that the only reason we got the player from your avatar is because we finished so low in the standings...
Beat me to it. Why be so nice?

Originally Posted by jagielski41 View Post
yeah i know what you mean, its just stupid to ask who it is.
Duh. Are you 12?

Originally Posted by FF de Mars View Post
We have better odds of having an injury free year with all the bad luck we had.
Bet you believe in astrology too. If you were in any way logical, which is rare it seems among youth these days, you might conclude that a history of injuries year after year means there is a high probability of the same problem next year. Due to factors that are real, not magik, as in your world it seems.

Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
So if we tank, our injury problem will go away.

But that's not realistic, is it? The proper response should be.............Since we will have injuries every season, we should tank every season.

Bravo. I am giving you credit for creating one of the best T threads of all time. What is the over/under on how many pages you will generate with this thread?
Useless and illogical reply. Fail.

Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck View Post
On the gut level, do you know what I think of the bleating for a "one-year surgical tank"? It's an infant bawling because its diaper is wet and cold and full of unpleasant semisolids. Grow up!
Useless and angry reply. Fail.

Originally Posted by FerrisRox View Post
This is really just ridiculous and littered with half-truths and convenient omissions.

You lay out your rationale for the Canadiens being worse, and strangely, in doing so you cite the absence of two point producers who didn't produce points for the Canadiens and as a result got trade away.

You then cite this as the reason the Canadiens are a worse team this year than last, as if that somehow proved something.

There are several young players on the roster (Max Paccioretty, Lars Eller, P.K. Subban, David Desharnais) Somehow, in your quest to declare the team will somehow be worse this season, you've completely omitted the fact that young players usually progress from one season to the next. Max did last year, seems reasonable to think he will do so again this year, no? So did Desharnais... but in your world, he won't this season. Lars Eller is healthy this off-season and will be able to train and prepare for next year. Most observers would peg the odds of him taking a further step in his development as pretty solid. You don't mention it all. With Markov back and Kaberle on the roster, P.K. Subban has a ton less pressure and no longer needs to spread himself too thin. Yet, strangely, you don't mention this at all. Rene Bourque - who you simply dismissed as "inferior" will go to camp with the team and learn this system right out of the gate. It's quite possible that this three-time 20-goal scorer (who, by the way, had just two less goals last season than Michael Cammelleri) isn't quite the down-grade that you pretend he is. You also totally ignore the fact the Canadiens will no longer be pushed around routinely because from the start of last season to the start of this season they've added size and bulk in the form of Bourque, Prust and Armstrong to compliment Erik Cole, Travis Moen and Max Paccioretty. You also, rather conveniently failed to mention that one of the teams top goal scorers and powerplay contributors Brian Gionta was injured for the bulk of the season and the one player that totally drives their offense and their PP Andrei Markov is also back healthy after missing almost the entire season. Also, rather amazingly, you completely don't mention that the team, after having two coaches last season that were content to play for a 0-0 tie every game, have brought in a new coach and will tackle this season with a new system and a new philosophy. That's kind of a key thing to not even include in your theory about why this was a really bad team that wouldn't get better, no?

Your wildly fictionalized account of the Canadiens prospects this season might work had you posted this nonsense somewhere where people may not be aware of the major, key factors you were leaving out that would punch massive holes in your argument, but surely you didn't think people in a Montreal Canadiens forum would be ignorant enough not to know you were essentially pulling this out of your ass?
A massive amount of blather saying essentially things should be better next year IF, and IF, and IF, and IF. The OP is correct in assuming injuries to key players, and to bad or similar performances by some players. The evidence in actual results for all teams for the last 100 years is overwhelming. We are a bad team with too many bad players, and we have significant injuries every single year, except one freak year in the last 20. Why do you deny this?

Originally Posted by HabsSlappy View Post
I really love how many posters are getting all over the OP for being a loser and not being a true fan when Bergevin has given few indications that he isn't in fact executing exactly what the OP is suggesting.

He has not added much skill and goal scoring to the lineup which is absolutely what we need.
I do believe that he is trying to ice a competitive team and will definitely make a trade if it helps us long term. But MB, as of today, has basically set this team up in a wait and see formation and I have no doubt that he will be a seller at the first hint of not making the playoffs. And I really doubt that we will be buyers if we happen to over-achieve and find ourselves in a playoff spot.
Nailed it. It is completely naive to think MB and Molson and Therrien sit there talking about cups. They don't. You think these guys don't know exactly where this team is? They do. They talk about rebuild, which is what we have to do.

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