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07-28-2012, 11:51 AM
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The fact is that we probably would be better off in the long run if we finished low again this year. Trying to 'tank' though isn't really a viable solution.

That being said, we should deal away some vets in the name of rebuilding. Regardless of where we finish, we should be trading for younger players now. If that means we fall or rise in the standings... doesn't really matter. You can't tell the players or coaches to lose, it doesn't work that way. But it does make sense to deal vets for picks and prospects when you're not a good team.

How good is our team? I don't think anyone really knows. We might be a last place team as we were last year or we might actually be good enough to make the playoffs. We're definitely not contenders though and we've got some vets that we could get returns on. I don't see anything wrong with making long term moves to help make us better for the future. We've got some good young players developing now and some good (even great) prospects to build with. If we had another killer year at the draft table we'd be in great shape going forward.

Whatever happens is going to happen but I think we should trade some of our vets for prospects. In the long run we'd be better off. It's about winning cups, not first or 2nd round exits. That's what we should be building for.

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