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07-28-2012, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Taco MacArthur View Post
Rounding out the top picks of the 1988 draft, I get.

#1 Mike Modano - 67.6 DPS
#2 Trevor Linden - 43.2 DPS
#3 Curtis Leschyshyn - 24.1 DPS
#4 Darrin Shannon - 9.9 DPS
#5 Daniel Dore - -0.1 DPS
#6 Scott Pearson - 2.6 DPS
#7 Martin Gelinas - 27.6 DPS
#8 Jeremy Roenick - 68.5 DPS
#9 Rod Brind'amour - 51.2 DPS
#10 Teemu Selanne - 64.6 DPS

Selanne gets penalized for two reasons - one, he started his great career a few years after the others, and two, he's probably still got value left in the reservoir. The estimation of the remaining reservoir is a challenge, but not an undefeatable one.

Shannon, Dore and Pearson bring up some interesting questions - should a player be penalized for a season of below 0 DPS? I'm leaning towards "no", or (backsliding somewhat) flooring the career DPS at 0.

Any particular reason Roenick ends up with a higher DPS than Modano or Selanne (you did put a couple of caveats on Selanne, so that's less surprising)? That just a case of no metric being perfect, or am I missing something in the calculation of these values?

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