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04-24-2006, 10:18 AM
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The Penguins are in a different situation than most teams drafting high though. We have a bazillion and one mid-level prospects. Leopold isn't good enough to persue a trade, especially for a team with a bulk of offensively talented defenseman in the system. Gonchar will be here for 4 more years, Whitney has more skill than most forwards, and Goligoski has as much offensive upside as any defensive prospect out there. Not exactly an organizational need.

Boyd is a many more do we ****ing need? Crosby, Malkin, Stone, Talbot, Christensen, Salmonsson, Dixon, Eaves, Kennedy, Morrison, Kolanos, Taticek...are they all going to pan out? Of course not, but when you have a list that long that is topped by 2 franchise players...Boyd does nothing for us besides add to the ever increasing candidates for third line center...and I don't think he has a prayer against guys like Stone or Talbot.

A late first this year is worth a mid/late 2nd in most years...after the first dozen or so picks this draft is terrible. Look how easily Edmonton parted with a mid first rounder to get a 36 year-old UFA goaltender who was having a pretty mediocre season. These picks have no value at the bottom of the draft.

The Penguins have about two organizational needs. A franchise defenseman(we have a damn fine core of prospects, but no franchise prospects, and blue chip scoring wingers to pair with out dozen and a half centers. Our best wing prospect who didn't end the season with the Penguins is Matt Moulson.

Leopold is a damn fine player, but not nearly enough to build a trade around for the #2 pick in the draft. #12 perhaps, but not #2 in a shallow draft.

I mean, if it was that easy to get a high pick the Pens should just package Ryan Malone, Kris Letang, and their second rounder to Chicago for the #3 pick so we can get Toews or Backstrom.

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