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12-02-2003, 06:14 PM
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I think some changes need to be made, but I also think that the alleged boringness of today's game is often highly overstated, particularly by Ranger fans who are more bitter about their own team's lack of success than anything else. If it were the Rangers, not the Devils, that just won their third cup in eight years, I doubt you'd see so many diatribes about how bad the game is today.

I haven't read Greenberg's article, though I never really thought much of him as a hockey writer. I do wholeheartedly agree with some of the changes suggested here. First and foremost, make the referees grow the stones to call penalties. It's not the "systems" that diminish displays of skill, it's that defenders are too often allowed to hold, clutch, grab, mug and tackle offensive players away from the play, and it's not called. If you can find a way to stop the Sakics and Modanos of the world by playing sound, fundamental defensive hockey, fine by me. But it becomes too easy when the rulebook is thrown out the window. That's what Thornton threatened to retire over a couple of weeks ago.

I like the idea of not allowing the shorthanded team to ice the puck in theory, but in practice, I'd be concerned that the officials, already timid about calling penalties in the third period, would be even more reluctant to do so if they knew it would result in a full two minutes.

Making the nets bigger would add more goals, but to me, more pucks going into the net doesn't necessarily make the game more exciting.

Getting rid of the curved stick restrictions and bringing back the tag-up offsides rules would be good things.

Another one I'd like to see is increasing the size of the ice surface. Like dedalus said, guys are so much bigger and faster than they were 20 years ago, they're capable of defending a lot more turf. I'd like to see some more room on the ice. And for goodness sakes, put the nets back to where they were.

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