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07-28-2012, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
Avarage?! he was avarege? ok let me post his stats for you from the last season - 0(!!) Goals and 15 passes it would be all good and great if he were a defencemen but thats not why we signed him,we signed him so he scores goals,atleast nizivijs can do that-score goals.And J.Redlihs is alot better positionally than Lavins by a country mile,its not even comparable.
Like three more? Can Nizivijs play center like Lucenius? Of course, not. Can Nizivijs skate? Again no. Is Nizivijs at least better defensively? Again, a big fat no. If Lucenius, would get as much PP time as Aleksandrs, Lucenius could of have scored those three tap-ins last year too. Lucenius next season will be different animal, you can clearly see that when he will start scoring he will be just as crucial to our team like Sprukts have been in recent seasons.

J. Redlihs simply is a faster player, that's way his desperation scrambling doesn't look so sad as Lavins panic defending. Our D-corps as such were one of the worst in whole league last year and I fear one Carle won't be able to fix them. We need big, imposing and more importantly physical D-men like Kulda or Bartulis, but unfortunately it looks like it won't happen this season.

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