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07-28-2012, 08:10 PM
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GJ plays the waiting game

Hey this is my first post here but I have been following this soap opera from the beginning.
I feel that GJ is playing the waiting game for the same reason some of his maybe final investors are playing the waiting game. The assurance of this court case on monday will be a huge assurance for GJ and GJ's possible investors that are waiting in the wings. Maybe I am over simplifying this but this has been a huge stall by GJ because he wanted to know if Glendale could pay the AMF.
The court case was originally set for the second week in august and conveniently moved to monday which is 1 day before the league would have to extend for another month with the COG. So its almost if GJ is instrumental behind the scenes and the results of the sales tax increase are his final hurdle in order to secure the final investors and close the sale.
What we know from Doans camp is that he has set a few deadlines on this hole matter. My guess is either he is up to date with Jamison and both now know the real day of judgement is monday or he is just not in the know but really wants to stay in PHX. I have a feeling he will pop on something by wednesday. If GJ does not come forward and complete the sale.
The real wild card in this thing is the court case bc without the sales tax increase Glendale is rendered incapable of paying the AMF.

Also GJ will gain investors or lose them based on mondays ruling.

Also if this gets further delay say goes to AZ court the yotes and the sale as well as doan might be gone
Lets hope for the best

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