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12-02-2003, 06:31 PM
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Well I will take the bait and answer your rant

Originally Posted by gretzky2kurri
Because the mentality around here is that they are just frikking GUIDANCE COUNSELORS!

In my veiw a good coach knows how to tweak each individual player in the proper way to get the best results. Every player responds differently to a coaches input, so I feel it's damn important.

A good coach knows how to get his team up for the big games.

A good coach knows how to make players accountable and make them play for each other.

A good coach can turn a mediocre team into BELEIVERS. Beleivers in themselves...........and beleivers in a system. That's right......a SYSTEM.
Sounds like a great guy. But let me add this

A good coach knows his player's limitations.

A good coach knows when a player is humping the pooch vs having a bad game

A good coach does the best with what he has.

It just bugs me how people say it's ALL the PLAYERS fault when the team is faultering. So if the player won't listen to the's the players fault for playing poorly. True enough........but WHY isn't the player listening to the coach? (THIS IS A VERY LEGITIMATE QUESTION) Why doesn't the coach have the respect of his players enough to follow instructions? I don't know..........should we ask the coach? Apparently not.............because he's just a guidance counsellor today.
Has Lemaire become a bad coach now? Since his team is losing, that means he has lost the respect of his players and they are just not listening...right?

If a school "class average" is low because they don't listen.......should it be ALL the students fault that they don't listen? Well that's the simpletons answer. But wouldn't the school board or principal want to dig a little DEEPER to find out WHY the students won't listen or don't care? I damn well would hope so. To just throw your hands in the air and say, "the low average is all the kids fault" is narrow minded and foolish. Certainly it's not ALL the teachers fault. But come on people......get serious already.
A good teacher doesn't start off with Calculus in grade 1. They know that their students have to be brought along slowly to build up their confidence so they can reach their potential. A good teacher also knows that not all of them will be surgeons or rocket scientists. Some turn out to be AHL'ers or worse.

Everyone hates Keenan. Go look at his win/loss record.
The Hockey News had a great article right after he was fired, again. It basically said Buyer Beware. For every Joe Thornton you get a Boumeester. A kid that blossoms under him and one that withers. For every Roenick you get a Shanahan. A player that loves him and one that hates him.

I recommend reading it

More posters will agree with me by this time next me.

You heard it here....
I doubt it.

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