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07-28-2012, 10:33 PM
Chris Hansen
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How successful will the Hawks be next season?

It's been talked to death on this board, in one shape or another. But I'm curious to see it put into numbers.

Now, the offseason isn't over and things could certainly change. However, it appears that barring something completely out of the blue, the Blackhawks' roster for next season is set, aside from a few prospects that will fight for spots (Saad being the most notable).

Let me preface it by including the obvious, but still necessary statement: This is all opinion, of course. No need for trolling or anger here, we're all fans of the same team after all.
Based on whatever reasoning and logic you choose to employ, how far do you think the Hawks will go next season?
I included every option possible so that every opinion is accounted for.
Miss playoffs, 1st round exit, 2nd round exit, loss in the conference finals, or an appearance in the Cup finals? Didn't see any reason to split the last option into two separate ones, because it's potentially mashing up votes fairly pointlessly - getting all the way to the Cup is a success regardless of what happens, I'd say.

Take your pick, and post your rationale behind it if you have the time (some discussion would be good). Your prediction on the outcome of the season can include anything you wish, assuming it's feasible - e.g. a deadline acquisition. Take everything into account that you can, and try to be as honest as possible. Like I said, I'm curious to see what all the Hawk fans on here think in one thread as opposed to a million of them like we have now.

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