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07-29-2012, 01:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck View Post
I'm exasperated by those who discourage signing desirable UFAs and trading for veterans on principle. The tankards seem to forget that some recent championship teams (the Bruins in particular) made good trades and free agent signings. Aside from Seguin and Horton, they didn't feature high draft picks, and they didn't even draft Horton (not to mention Chara and Thomas, among others. The Devils are another example, although they didn't win the Cup this year. Of course there are also the Penguins, who were lousy enough to be able to draft Fleury and Crosby at #1 and Malkin at #2, but that wasn't all they did to build their teams.
But I'm not against that either....the day we recognize that we are indeed a great team and not just a 1-year wonder. Bruins are a very good team. For years to come. They can invest in players like that. See, they also gave some picks even for 3rd rounders like Kelly. Yet, they re-invested in Kelly who does gave them some great services in his own role so a 2nd pick for him is not that big of a deal. 'Cause they have a team to succeed for years to come. And because the players they go for succeed and first and We're not talking about 1/2 of a year of Dominic Moore here. Or everything else in picks and players we gave away for 1 year and sometimes not even 1 year of the return we got. So give me a plan. A real one. With some stability attached to it and a real direction and THEN you can give away "some" picks if you want to. Yet, you still need to let Timmins work. He's your strongest asset. Montreal will rarely be attractive to UFA's. And for trades, well no-trades clauses exist and Montreal can still not be on their list. Our success will come from the draft. Doesn't mean you can't add pieces through other means, I totally agree. I would have the tendancy to think that the fillers might be coming from something else than draft while the gamechanging players will come from the draft. We did get Cole though. Who is definately a gamechanging player. And I wasn't against that. I have NO PROBLEM overpaying 'cause I understand the reality. And if the players gives me some, I'll overpay him myself. Can't care less if Cole is indeed overpaid. So UFA time, if the player deserve it, overpay him. I clearly prefer that over sending picks away or prospects for absolutely nothing....

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