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07-29-2012, 04:59 AM
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Doan is the perfect example of an nhl'er that has his contract expiring just at the right time....this being one of the thinnest crops of free agents in ages. No way at his age he's on the upward hill. He played his cards right, let pretty much everybody else sign. Read the book co-authored by Martin Lapointe and Brendan Shanahan on how to spend the summer on a free sight seeing tour of north america , with specific attention on reading the part how you absolutely, positively have to factor in the " Montreal equation "......I think it's referred to as the 25%bonus clause.......
Would have been a great addition .......4 years ago. Not saying that his next couple of seasons are going to be trash, not at all !, just saying that the lenght and money he's gonna get in the next few days will only reflect the fact that he played his cards right on a lousy year, will not reflect his real value.
Like others said, for the moment, let's consolidate P.K, and try to work some kind of long term deal with Pacioretty, see what this " healthy" group of guys can do, watch the kids evolve in Hamilton for a year. I don't see a reason at this point to dish out the kind of contract Doan needs to move out of golftown. ....I predict he does not sign below 6 mil$ / year.......
Rather we play it out till feb. and see by that time if we're in contention......rather get an impact " rental" player if possible then, than being stuck with a 4 year deal to Doan.

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