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Originally Posted by alpa View Post
Well the battle of the fewer against the mass goes on and there is no way to tell who's winning.

Fix it reminds me (Slovenian heritage, born in Sweden) of a similar event some years back ( shortly after we got together) when me and my Swedish fiance bought an Ikea furniture and she decided that she would mount it together herself since I went golfing. And in this case there should be a usage of glue and a lot of screws and there were those predrilled holes with those small wooden pins. As she starts putting it together she decides there is to much screwing so she would use glue instead and those wooden pins but that gives you an error margin equal to now I guess you know what happened.

So when I got back home and saw this disaster steering at me in the hallway it was actually the first thing you would see opening the front door I kindly and cautiously asked what the **** happened? She told me don't be mad I wanted to surprise you and have it done when you got back but I ran out of time so i thought glueing would be quicker but by accident I took the back piece and glued it in front and when I did all the drawers it got well glued together and now ...I need your help.( She went like this )

So I melted like an ice cream in Sahara for her efforts trying to surprise me and we did later manage to solve the disaster with some sawing and pure force put I had to buy a very thin saw the next day to get it done.

Ohh the furniture was a stereo tv bench with drawers and it was huge. The thing is long gone now and so is the blonde Swedish mother of my children,(we meet but don't live together)

Yeah we are entertained..oh yeah. and even though not living with her she still manages to .."entertain me" and my daughter is doing her best to take over that spot on this earth.

Hell yeah we deserve an award.
Haha! Thats awesome. Its good to know that regardless of location on the planet, behind every blonde, there's a frustrated man saying "...dont try and fix ANYTHING!" LMAO! Fantastic!

You know the situation wont end up well when the first thing out of her mouth is "...don't be mad I wanted to surprise you..." LMAO!

Now that I think about it, Ikea probably makes their furniture directions too hard to follow so that it keeps the blondes from attempting to put it together Either that or so easy that blondes can follow! Who knows?

Just 2 months ago, My wife, her best friend (another yellow hair), my daughter and my wife's BFF's daughter all went to a expensive mall up in Washington DC for the day. Around 2pm, my wife calls me all in a panic and says "SOMEONE STOLE THE BMW!!!!!". I said "No, no dear, you just forgot where you parked it. Look at your smartphone. I downloaded a 'Wheres my Car' app. try it!"

15 minutes later she calls me back and says "Okay, we found it! Thank you! Now what do I tell the Police that are on their way?" I shook my head and said "Why the hell did you call the Cops?" She said "I called 911 before I called you. Im sorry." I said "NEVER EVER Call the Cops before you call ME!! I knew you would call me one day and say the car is stolen! I know whats going to happen BEFORE YOU know whats going to happen!!! Just bat your eyes and show some cleavage and they'll forgive you for wasting their time." Needless to say, she wasted 1 hour of the DC Cops time, looking for her car. I'm still facepalm'n over that.

For 22 years I have trying to break her of the "If I cant find (blank), its been stolen!" mentality. Obviously, it isnt working and now she's passing it down to the next generation because my daughter, just last night, had her ipod "STOLEN!" lmao!

Anyway, I love them all. And we DO get our Awards... Hubba Hubba!

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