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Originally Posted by Gabe84 View Post
Here's the problem in your analysis: while I'm not a fan of tanking, and I agree that you can win without tanking, what you don't mention is that Lindros, Sundin, Schenn, etc. while not being on the roster, were used as trade bait to land extremely important parts to the teams' success (Forsberg, Richards, Ozolinsh, and so on).
I knew someone would pipe in with this.

So, you proved my point. Winning involves more than just tanking and drafting. You actually have to manage - trade, sign UFAs, develop your players.

Thank you.

The Habs the past 10 years are the perfect example of why Lafleurs Guy and his minions are wrong. Timmins has had the best drafting record and yet the Habs won nothing. Why? Because we had nimrods managing the team. Drafting is one of many tools to build a team.

Tanking and picking in the top 5 means nothing if you have a GM like Columbus or the Habs had the last 10 years.

But you don't mention the other teams that won Cups and didn't have a long list of top 5 picks. Only Anaheim & the Avs had a number of top 5 picks which is what you are referring to.

What about the other 7 teams that won the Cup and didn't have a slew of top 5 picks. How do you explain them?

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