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07-29-2012, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by drew5580 View Post
I know thats what the proposals are but my point is, Pegula's plan doesn't have to go on the Webster block. It can go elsewhere an yes, there's more than enough room for it on that piece next to the water when you trim down his project to just the rinks portion. It would be ideal to do both plans. In order to get both, you gotta support Paladino's here.
Couple of points

1) There is no AVAILABLE land for Pegula's plan thats on the water and by the arena. All that land is either for the Metro rail tracks/maintenance building or for the current waterfront projects being built. The land available is the Webster block. No sure why you think there is land there for him to build on.

2) Pegula's project is about developing a unique destination and part of that is having two rinks located on the 7th floor of his project. Thats not something that can be "scaled down to just the rinks". You don't seem to understand that Pegula's plan isn't just about adding two rinks with a hotel. Its about creating a unique destination.

3) You can't reduce Pegula's plan to just two rinks and claim thats getting both projects. His project is far beyond just building two rinks.

The bottom line is its one of the other. Both is not an option.

And no I don't have to support Paladino. He needs to clean up the messes that are many of his other properties. Including a HUGE eyesore not far from the arena on Scott street. A multi-story building thats been vacant for years and has been used by Paladino for billboards he puts up to criticize his enemies or folks he doesn't like. It can be seen by motorist passing by on the 190.

EDIT: I'm also not a fan of adding even more office space (which Paladino's plan does and Pegula's does not) to the city when it has low occupancy rates as it is for its current office space.

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