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07-29-2012, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by zbubble View Post
I just looked at an overhead map and there's no where near enough room between the arena and the water. And then there's the metro rail tracks that go to the service station. Not really sure what piece you're talking about. I'll take Pegula's plan for Webster, FTW. It brings more people down to Canal side right where you want them. Carl can spend his money fixing all the properties he's been ignoring first.
The guy makes his money speculating on what will become gov't developments and then criticizes the gov't for making him his money. It's a fascinating method of earning his millions.
As for having both, having some greenspace and such is pretty cool next to the water. Heck, who knows, the HSBC Atrium building might be vacant sooner rather than later so it could be redeveloped into something that doesn't have structural issues and has a use.

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